Jaeger-LeCoultre – Polaris Memovox Replica Watches Free Shipping

Fifty years after the first Polaris model was launched, Jaeger-LeCoultre is back with a full collection of new, resolutely sporty watches ranging from a simple automatic up to a worldtimer chronograph. 

The self-winding Calibre 956 movement with mechanical alarm that powers this limited-edition Polaris Memovox first saw the light of day back in 2008 in another tribute to the Polaris, the “Memovox Tribute to Polaris”, which was a limited edition of 768. The new release is also a limited edition, this time of 1,000, with plenty of nods to the original, such as the black dial and vanilla SuperLuminova on the hands and hour markers. The hands and hour markers and the rotating inner bezel however have been given a more contemporary design and a new embossed rubber strap completes this new timepiece.

If you’re paying attention to the dates, then a 1992 launch would make 2017 that the 25th anniversary of this Master Control collection. The watch we’ve got here is really a portion of a trio which comprises the 3 core complications which have been in the Master Control collection as the beginning: date and time, chronograph, and travel time. These aren’t really being tagged as a 25th anniversary collection, nor are they being promoted as this, but that is essentially what these watches are and they are only going to be made for this particular 1 anniversary season. I’m not going to go too in-depth on the other two watches in this collection, but the chronograph remains worth a closer look. While the time-and-date watch is the one that drew me in instantly, I know quite a few men and women that had been all over the moon about the chronograph. It’s a stainless steel chronograph with a two-tone industry dial for $8,000 — to get that at a vintage watch you would likely be paying 10x, or even more. It is worth noting that this version is 40mm, so not modest, and it’s a closed caseback, despite the automatic Jaeger movement inside. The deficiency of date along with the glowing blue accents really put this opinion apart and make it awesome.The last view is your Geographic, which, I hate to say, simply doesn’t do it for me personally. I like the Geographic generally (I’m a huge fan of travel watches), and I even like the 3-9-12 dial design. But, there’s simply too much going on here for a business dial. You do not have to enjoy the dial design because of all of the info packed in.Speaking of which, it’s probably worth mentioning here what exactly a business dial is and where it comes from. Loosely speaking, a sector dial is characterized by and takes its title in the so-called “sector,” that is the fundamental ring to the dial with radiating markers in the hours. In addition to this, sector dials may have additional curricular registers marking out various increments of time, either beyond the industry or in the dial’s border. They’re often two-tone, together with the coloration within the sector and away from the sector differing slightly.

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